This year’s National Bowl Skating Championships, BOWLZILLA Wellington—which was presented by Monster Energy—turned it on this year. After the last few years of weather and lockdowns, it was the celebration everyone wanted and needed.

Waitangi Park, 18 February 2023

BOWLZILLA Wellington is a community event, and many were not able to attend at the last minute because of the cyclone hitting the North Island. Everyone in attendance went above and beyond to make it another legendary year, but more importantly, celebrate those in our community who could not.

Yeva Butler, frontside rock n roll.

Yeva Butler, frontside rock n roll.

Having the support of the Wellington City Council year in, and year out has ensured not only that BOWLZILLA Wellington is the largest skate gathering in the country every year but that Wellington is also home to the most thriving skate scene. The We Skate Poneke initiative that WCC run has given a massive boost to the community and is bringing some incredible spaces and gatherings for everyone to utilise. The BOWLZILLA Wellington week is growing and becoming more representative of the whole colourful community, and the best is yet to come.


Von Griffin, Smith grind.

Von Griffin, Smith grind.

The support that goes into festivals like these is so important, and everyone in attendance: fans, staff, friends, family and the competitors all stepped it up a little bit more to show their appreciation. This was well and truly evident in the Hot Wheels Skate 16 & Under division. These kids are getting so good that many aren’t waiting to age out before heading into the big leagues of the Open Division. The future really looks bright for New Zealand skating.

Shaun Boucher, frontside feeble grind.

Shaun Boucher, frontside feeble.

Our sponsors and partners, like The Cambridge Hotel, who housed all the crew and competitors and provided the perfect gathering place. And all the other sponsors combined were bloody awesome. They are Radioactive.FM, Monster Energy, Hot Wheels, Kangol, Santa Cruz, Independent, Dickies, Manual Magazine, Powerhaus Automotive, Manky Chops, Wellington Skateboarding Association and Skateboarding New Zealand.

Von Griffin, Smith grind.

Jett De Haan, kickflip Indy.

The BOWLZILLA Wellington Champions for 2023 are; Hot Wheels Skate 16 & Unders: Monty Graham, Masters: Ramon Thackwell, Women: Yeva Butler, and Open: Shaun Boucher. A special congratulations to Yeva Butler for taking out the Hot Wheels Skate fingerboard competition as well; she’s going to need extra baggage allowance to get home.

Zedyn Fellows, 540.

Zedyn Fellows, 540.

A huge THANKS goes out to all the friends, family, fans, media, sponsors, supporters, community, crew, and skaters for what was truly one of the best years ever for BOWLZILLA Wellington.


BOWLZILLA Wellington 2023 Results:

Hot Wheels Skate 16 & Under

1st Monty Graham
2nd Ari Saffer
3rd Marshall Littlefair
4th Ace Findlay
5th Rio Saffer
6th Tate Studd


1st Ramon Thackwell
2nd Von Griffin
3rd Chris Wood
4th Simon Hunt
5th Orson Reynolds
6th Nick Bennett
7th Craig Harris
8th Adam Warriner
9th Jason Hill
10th Scott Wilkinson


1st Yeva Butler
2nd Ignacia Munoz
3rd Krysta Ashwell
4th Gala Baumfield
5th Ella Vincent-Hyde
6th Rose Nawalowalo
7th Georgia Hudson
8th Chrystal Doller


1st Shaun Boucher
2nd Zedyn Fellows
3rd Jett de haan
4th Bowman Hansen
5th Josh Wilson
6th Felix Griffin
7th Brynn Fraider
8th Zef Robinson
9th Johan Dowley (Lex)
10th Louis Newman
11th Dallas A J Waitokia Marshall

Hot Wheels Skate – Fingerboard video winner

Yeva Butler


Video by Nic Bennett.
Photos by David Read.


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