Voting is open for the New Balance Numeric X Manual Magazine Your Lines Comp. Three prizes of NB# gear totalling $3500 are up for grabs. Have your say by placing your votes now.



We said we’d narrow it down to five, but there are eight (in no particular order).

Brandon Booth @brandon_booth97 Entry
Cole Raddy @cole.raddy Entry
James Kingston @senderson_express Entry
Joshua Wade Stewart @joshuasjungle Entry
Lexus Waipouri @lexuswaipouri Entry
Theo Gannon @theo.gannon_ Entry
Trent Hunter @trenthunter_ Entry
Zach Isaac @iza__chi Entry


1st — 12 shoes over 12 months. (Valued at $2,000)
2nd — 6 shoes over 6 months. (Valued at $1,000)
3rd — 3 shoes over 3 months. (Valued at $500)


Winners will be announced on Friday, May 3, 2024 at 1pm.

Everything else you need to know

Visit the competition page here.


James Kingston @senderston_express
Joaquin Idaberry @joaquinidaberry
Christopher Fenton @nadacoronachris @nadacoronachris
Lexus Waipouri @lexuswaipouri
Cole Raddy @Cole.raddy
Sam Novak @novak.nzl
Sunny Michelin @sunnymichelin
James Howard @skatepaint_
Sophie Hills @soph_hills
Zach @gunzy01
Ivan Gregoroff @ivangregoroff
Doug Yeandle @dougyeandle
Steven Lim @steven_lim._
MeiLong Chen-Hogan @meilong.skateboards
Trent Hunter @trenthunter_
Terrence Davidson @tdaktil
Zach Isaac @iza__chi
Pauly Kauri @paulykauri
Neil Lyon @neil_likes_sk8
Dan Popata @d_man236
Leighton Andrew @leightonskatan
Nick Wall @nick_wall
Thorne Taiapa-Hill @_thorne_ohno
Brandon Booth @brandon_booth97
Theo Gannon @theo.gannon_
Olivier Jutel @olivier.jutel
Joshua Wade Stewart @joshuasjungle
Duncan Hunter @dlahunter
Gareth Stehr @dirtsquid
Asher Stringer @preestnz
Rena @rena_skatesnz
Sarah @sara_skatesnz
Adam Wheeldon @abbramps
Jarrod Harding @jr0d.h

Thank you

To New Balance Numeric for making this possible.