The Vans New Zealand crew hit up Birkenhead skate park in Auckland to try out the new Rowan Pro skateboard shoe.

They partook in pizzas and high-performance appraisals to discover the potential of this pro paw protector.

If the shoe fits, wear it.

Kyle Svensen, frontside boneless.

Mike Bancroft knows the skies.

Chase got the wardrobe memo, obviously.

Multi-task taste test. Kyle is no couch potato.

Chase Collins, backside noseblunt.

Ben Gibbs, kickflip.

Kyle Svensen, backside Smith grind.

Kyle Svensen, backside Smith grind.

Chase Collins, backside tailslide.

Blue suede always brings out the smiles.

Pop Cush is cushy-as.

Rowan Zorilla’s first signature model is available worldwide now. Visit to learn more, and to find an authorized Vans Pro Skate dealer near you.

Photography by Kingsley Attwood and Connor Hill. Video by Aidan Rogers and Connor Hill. Edit by Connor Hill.