Earlier in the year New Balance Numeric and Manual Magazine teamed up and asked you to share your videos in return for the chance to win a year’s worth of NB Numeric shoes. It’s time to weigh up the ‘grams and see how they stacked up.

We found there were three people deserving of such a prize. These are your winners, chosen from an impressive field of entries by a mystery panel made up of industry leaders (AKA Rhys Campbell).

Andrew ‘Chunks’ Norton

Throughout your lifetime in skateboarding, you’ll make friends that come and go; the ones that enter like a bolt of lighting and disappear leaving nothing but a video part and a few photos here and there. Every now and then, you’ll meet another kind of human, a rare one that stays in the game for life. Chunks is this kind of human.

He’s an all-round great dude that has always been completely immersed in skateboarding. He was the one that would round us all up and take us on trips in his van, the one that brought us together as a crew. He’s the motivator and the voice at the spot that gives that positive reinforcement, “Hell yeah, Bill, you got that!”

What I admire most about Chunks though, is his deep appreciation for where he comes from. He absolutely loves Timaru (and New Zealand as a whole). That’s what makes him who he is. You don’t see that genuine love very often. It’s safe to say Chunks has never taken anything for granted.

You’ll find @chunks.norton crushing the box inside his wool shed on social media, and exploring the outdoors of New Zealand with his beloved wife and dogs.

I look forward to the day his children take this Manual article to school and brag about how rad their dad is; that’s my projection for things to come. | Billy Mclachlan

You’re one of the winners. What do you have to say?
Oh, snap! Shot! I’m stoked. The team is rad. Foy. Frankie. And Jack Curtin is dope as.

What do you like about NB Numeric?
I love all the promo (vids). They’re always together.

What shoes will you be picking out?
I like cup sole shoes, but I skated some NBN#255 one winter in the shed and they were awesome!

Check out Chunks’ winning line here.

Matt Markland

Matt is a true all-rounder on the board. He’s got the technical wizardry on ledges, an endless shopping list of tricks down gaps, and has handled some pretty big rails in his time too. All that said, I have to admit my favourite thing about him is his work ethic. It’s second to none. He never shies away from a battle and usually comes up with the goods, all with a bit of style sewn in there for good measure. His dedication is the ultimate testament to what he’s already achieved and to what he is capable of. Matt’s a real fan favourite and a people’s champ among the locals too. A genuine talent to keep an eye on. | Sam Mihell

You’re one of the winners. What do you have to say?
I’m absolutely stoked and very thankful to everyone involved over at NB and Manual.

What do you like about NB Numeric?
The NB team is stacked with some of my favourite skaters. I’m really enjoying all the new clips they have been putting out recently—especially the Duets video—and the fact they just recently put Jamie Foy on the team.

What shoes will you be picking out?
Probably more of the white ones I was wearing in my clip. I think they were the white leather Pj Ladds.

Check out Matt’s winning line here.

Caz Melville

If you tell Caz to do a trick, there’s a 100% chance that he’ll try it and land it, no matter how hectic it is. From a perfect kicky down a set of stairs in the rain to hardflipping a set in the pitch black, you’re always going to witness some crazy antics from one of Kaipaki’s finest. He’s soon to be up there with Te Awamutu’s skate royalty. Rain or shine, you can guarantee a hype session whenever Caz is around. He’s on the steady grind and not stopping any time soon. Stay on the lookout because Caz is about to make his mark in the New Zealand skate scene. | Ian Andersen

You’re one of the winners. What do you have to say?
I was stoked I made the cut, there were some pretty banger lines sent in!

What do you like about NB Numeric?
The team goes hard. I got to see the NB demo at Vic earlier this year, Franky Villani and Jake Hayes killed it!

What shoes will you be picking out?|
My favourite shoe would have to be the NM#420s.

Check out Caz’s winning line here.