Lucie needs your help to bring her unique skateboard designs and workshops to young people across New Zealand and beyond.

Although there are a number of options of unisex and male-orientated decks, it can be difficult to find modern, beautiful designs that are made especially for girls. This is why Lucie is looking to expand her brand of hand-made decks and “Design your own board” workshops to help young girls express themselves and ride with confidence and flair. 

At the moment Lucie is producing one-of-a-kind skateboards designs by hand. She also collaborates with a local skateboard school, charity and educational organisations and various community spaces across Auckland to run her workshops. Drawing on this experience, Lucie wants to build a brand that sparks confidence in young people through design and skateboarding.

Lucie has just launched her first Kickstarter campaign. The aim of this campaign is to raise 17K so she can:

  1. produce her first big skateboard collection (200 boards!)
  2. buy the same amount of blank skateboards (200 boards!) for the workshop “Design your own board”
  3. add a screen-print to the workshop “Design your own board”
  4. print beautiful booklets for her upcoming exhibition “Born to Create”.


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