Possibly the first time a bunch of skateboarders from New Zealand have traveled with their own dedicated physio and high-performance diet. Theo, Cato, Kobe, and Lenard travel to Melbourne for Oceania Continental Championship.

With the support of Skateboarding New Zealand, Theo Clarke, Matt Markland, Kobe Daniels, Cato Dobbs, and Lenard Tejada attended the World Skate ‘Oceania Continental Championships’ in Melbourne, Australia in February 2020. This competition provided an opportunity to gain points toward their Olympic Skateboarding qualification. The ‘National Street Skateboarding’ Team went head to head against some of the world’s best skateboarders in a tough competition. It was the first time Skateboarding New Zealand has funded a team to travel to such an event. This is the start of a long journey Skateboarding New Zealand and the skaters involved as we head into Season 2 of the Olympic qualification events towards Tokyo 2020.

Videography by Jase Hancox for Sky Sport Next.