Two exceptional Australian skateboarders in this new clip from Brixton.

“After a year or two ordeal of recovering from knee surgery, I heard and seen that my good mate Fitty (John Fitzgerald) had bought a camera and was filming everyone and all the new spots popping up around Melbourne. From there Fitty, Caeyeln and I were skating throughout the year, and my main idea was to finish a part with Fitty. The Brixton guys asked us to film a clip later on and we started brainstorming ideas and totally neglected that we basically had a part together already, so it just came together in that way. Although most of the clips are filmed before or after work on weekends, or after university during the week which Caeylen and I both do, it became a huge balancing act which in turn became one of the hardest the parts of the project. I used my super 8 camera on a trip with friends to central Australia and in Melbourne cbd in hopes to combine and contrast the two Australian images throughout the clip. The concept was basically to make it an Australian skateboarding clip and incorporate everything from our surroundings like music, partners, friends and our surroundings to make it something we could all be stoked on.” – Jimmy Roche.

Filmed by: Jon Fitzgerald, Britten Andrews, Neihana Tonkin, Geoffery Campbell & Dylan Bruns

Edited by: Jon Fitzgerald & Jimmy Roche.