Nestled amongst the scenic backdrop of a quiet North Canterbury valley comes one of New Zealand’s biggest skateboarding events of the year.

Pictured above: The ramp and street course set-up in all its glory.

30 December 2022 – 1 January 2023

This past summer, Duckbrewe 3 brought beer, skateboarding, music and 4000 New Year’s party-goers crashing back together for its third instalment. Building on the previous carnage, this year saw top skaters from across the country re-unite and send it hard for their part of $8000 in prizes. Backed up by huge festival sounds, it included domestic and international acts and the much-anticipated return of OG Christchurch hip-hop artist Scribe.

Yeva Butler, frontside rock n roll.

Stuart Roper, hurricane grind.

In typical Duckbrewe fashion, the crew built something far bigger and gnarlier than necessary. With a 5ft shallow end and 7.5ft deep end, the ramp stands on piles high off the ground and is nestled between two imposing graffiti-covered 40ft shipping containers. This ‘custom concept ramp’ features 12 meters of continuous coping, making it one of the widest timber mini-ramps in the country and the only one where you can grind straight between the shallow and the deep end. This year’s set-up included a dedicated 20-meter-long concrete pad for non-stop street skating featuring a 1/4 ramp, rails and tabletop with hubba.

As if that wasn’t enough, the giant container platforms on either side of the ramp doubled up as a VIP chill-out area for skaters to watch music acts and all of the festival action. This setup is now a permanent blot on the North Canterbury landscape which is set to grow each year.


Von Griffin, Smith grind.

Isaac Allen, tailgrabbing in the countryside.

The skateboarding competition was held over two days, with street and ramp events on day one and best trick events on day 2, including basketball and limbo comps into the latter half of New Year’s Eve. 

Shaun Boucher, frontside feeble grind.

Sophie Tasker, manual.

Huge thanks are due to Callum, Sam, Henry, Cam, Liam and Will, alongside the rest of the team at Tyanhaus, Tom from Odd Jobs Truck, John at Peninsula Build and Maintain, and countless others for their help in the design and build of this humongous ramp for the Canterbury skate community. We’d also like to thank our MCs George ‘the host from the coast’ Read, alongside Captain Johnny Routledge, who smashed it on the mic for a third year.

Von Griffin, Smith grind.

Kerehama James, five-0 grind.

The Duckbrewe ramp build and skate events are entirely volunteer-powered, and it’s all about having fun, passion, the culture, and the community. However, if you want to dress it up, it’s Good ‘c*nts making good shit happen, and we love to see it.

Zedyn Fellows, 540.


Duckbrewe 3 Results:

Women’s Ramp

1st – Krysta Ashwell @skate21sta
2nd – Rose Jenkins @rosekillshoes
3rd – Rachel Shirley @rachelshirleyyy

Men’s Ramp

1st – Tim Cunneen @tim_cunnaz
2nd – Josh Bamford
3rd – Jacob Houghton @illskateofmindd

Men’s Street

1st – Pauly Kauri @paulykauri
2nd – Josh Bamford
3rd – Tim Cunneen @tim_cunnaz

Women’s Street

1st – Krysta Ashwell @skate21sta
2nd – Sophie Tasker
3rd – Rose Jenkins @rosekillshoes

Bones Wheels Best ‘Trick Rail’

Rose Jenkins @rosekillshoes – Half cab boardslide.
Willy Bartlett @willybartlett – Nollie lipslide.

Skullcandy Best Trick ‘Tabletop’

Sophie Tasker – fakie bigspin
Cole Holyoake @coleholyoake – Tre flip the gap

Bones Wheels Best Trick ‘Stairs’

Rose Jenkins @rosekillshoes – Half Cab
Blake Huddlestone @tookocked – hardflip

ACE Trucks Best Trick ‘5ft Ramp’

Kerehama James @kerehama_james – Half Cab flip
Brodie Cahill @db_export – Backside flip air to disaster

ACE Trucks Best Trick 8ft Ramp

Krysta Ashwell @skate21sta – back five-0
Cole Holyoake @coleholyoake – Miller flip


Video by Nic Bennett.
Photos by David Read.