Hamilton-raised George VILLA arrives with his debut single “Running Free.”

Raised in small town Waikato, George is the son of a professional skateboarder and a musician. Since a young age, George has been immersed in skateboarding and band life. Penning songs in his childhood and playing the guitar in the footsteps of his mum, it’s no surprise that now he is chasing the rush of live music.

George relocated to Auckland City two years ago to start working on his forthcoming debut EP with acclaimed Australian producer Dave Hammer (Lime Cordiale, Baker Boy) and Wellington collaborator Neil Macleod. 

Portrait of New Zealand musician George VILLA. He is sitting on the grass with a Fender Mustang guitar resting on his lap.

George VILLA’s introductory track, “Running Free”, is a tongue-in-cheek rejection anthem born out of jealousy after he found himself being replaced by his girlfriend’s new book stealing her attention.

The hook’s earworm refrain, “She thinks that I’m a loser, but at least I’m running free,” captures the laidback essence of George VILLA’s sun-soaked, soothing, and whimsical songwriting.

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The visualiser is filmed and edited by @harrykidman and features the skateboarding of @chrsskltn and @simmpahallberg


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