Southland could be the most untouched region of Aotearoa. It could also be the roughest and most weathered grounds. Pavement Store sends the team deep into the unknown pastures south of Otago.

The three-day window was a very thin timeframe with a lot of ground to cover, with no idea of any spots to even skate. The whole trip was at risk of being an indulgent bogan sightseeing tour. While Southland is known for below-average weather, we happened to score the only sunshine in the country, as the North Island sounded as if it had sunk below sea level.

Thanks to Pavement and Irrom Distribution for making the trip happen and to the other sponsors, DEF and Collab Distribution, for keeping these guys rolling through the streets. Evidently, from the following, everyone threw down, and the trip was a total success!

Featuring Jack Byrne, Niwa Warner, Daniel Bridgman, Josh Findlay, Beach Thurlow and Josh Stewart.

Filmed and edited by Beach Thurlow.

Tour article published in Manual, Issue 70.