It's been a few years since the last Octofest so coming out of the pandemic was the perfect time to revive it.

First published in Manual #69, Dec 2022.

The main idea behind this event is to skate a spot where you’re not allowed to skate, to be given free rein on the stairs and rail without fear of getting kicked out or having an ignorant member of the public try to give you an ear full. The weather was perfect, the crowd was enthusiastic and trouble-free, and the skating was epic. The feedback from skaters was great. Their response was important to me – as long as they were happy that they made the event a success, and that definitely happened. Cheers to all the skaters, helpers, crowd, and our generous sponsors. @pavementstore

A filmer hanging from a lamp post with a sign reading security camera in action.
Niwa Warner, 360 flip.
Jack, ollie.
one-footed ollie.
Two people standing on the platform of a skateboard quarter pipe.
360 ollie.
Nollie flip.
Daniel Bridgeman, tailslide.


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