Tim Hillier and friends bring the experience of skateboarding to Australia’s Northern Territory.

We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which this video was produced.

The West Daly region is 350 km South West of Darwin, across the amazing fishing river of Daly. It was Digby & Adelaide’s first trip out to a remote community.

This trip had a slight detour of Mataranka, slight being 800kms out of the way, round trip. Our friendly hosts provided us with a pool table, fire pit and sheltered mini ramp and the perfect bush camp. Possibly the best camp spot ever. We hit the hot springs, and then our first flat tyre, then back up the Stuart Highway and towards Naiyu.

Crossing the Daly River, spotting some crocs from afar, then on to the bumpy dirt track towards the plains of Peppimenarti. The road is rough, with creek crossings and potholes. It’s slow going. At our first stop at Peppi school, two little girls adapted to skating fast. Dropping in and going off the jump ramp within an hour, thanks to Adelaide’s constant encouragement.

June is the best time to be in the Territory. The days and nights are warm but not oppressive.

On the way to Palumpa, we dangled our feet in the Moyle. Trent and Digby got involved in a colour run with the kids. It was the busiest out of all the sessions, but still, they developed their skills so so fast.

Wadeye was always going to be a struggle, and it was. But worth the trip to skate the concrete mini that has been blasted by the weather for the last 30 years. We did get two kids out, and they hustled Shauny into buying them shoes. Good hustle. With ramps, skateboards and pads in tow, the entire crew flew thru the sun and dirt, laying the way for more skateboarders in the Daly Shire.

It’s always amazing to see these kids pick up skating so fast and wanting to drop in, jump off and flip within minutes. — Tim Hillier.

Thank you to all the local councils, communities & schools for having us.

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Video filmed & edited By Tim Hillier.