Art, life, and skateboarding. The latest from Luvscene’s Caleb Dammert. Featuring Matt Ferg, Ben Gibb, Jamie Bucknor and all the homies.

Featuring Matt Ferg, Ben Gibb, Jamie Bucknor, Sam Christie, Theo Clarke, Lenard Tejada, Cato Dobbs, Charlie Aubrey, Gideon Keefe, Matt Vickery and Caleb Dammert.

Filmed and edited by Caleb Dammert.

Filming and creating has always been about a pure feeling of something we can all look back at someday and see a specific time in life we enjoyed, at the end of the day it’s about the times we spend with special people that somehow ends up on our walk of life. I consider myself as a filmer lucky to be working along side of some very talented homies on the board and off the board. This video was originally only suppose to be a short 6 minute shop clip but the deeper I got into it I realised how much more potential there is to create something much more meaningful & memorable in some form or way for each person that’s apart of this video hence why life imitates art, art imitates life. – Caleb Dammert