Acid NZ’s corrosive mind-bending tour of New Zealand’s South Island. From the Gypsy Pool to Benmore Dam and Dunedin’s Blood Bucket. No concrete is safe.

Featuring Bowman Hansen, Tom Mitchell, Noah ‘Spicy’ Winningham, Beach Thurlow, Matt Markland, Zedyn Fellows, Ant Leggett, Josh ‘Morph’ Malthus and Sam Wright. Filmed and edited by Sam Wright.

Acid NZ is a company that embodies skateboarding to the core. Based in the mighty Waikato, Anthony Leggett (Ants) and his concrete sculpting team put their blood and sweat into building the highest quality skateparks in New Zealand. When the concrete is poured and the sun has gone down, they head back to the workshop, where they proceed to hand shape and screen-print skateboards to support skaters. Acid NZ is pure skateboarding in its rawest form. While others worry about who will be the next olympian and what yoga stretch will match their supplement diet, Acid takes a more traditional and practical approach to skateboarding.

As featured in Manual Magazine #68.
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