On Saturday Cambridge played host to the 2021 Ramp Attack & Acid Invitational. Carnage ensued as crews from around the country came together to session the purpose built, multi sectioned ramp in Leamington Domain. See how it all unfolded below:

Lenard Tejada, frontside ollie.

“Every single person that skated in the invitational gave it their absolute all and not because they wanted to beat anyone else, but purely for the love and energy they all created by being there. There was blood, sweat and a whole lot of snaking each other which we loved! The level of talent just kept going up and up throughout the day.”

– Tom Mitchell, Acid Skateboards

Bowman Hansen, frontside blunt.

Mike Bancroft, up-and-over the safety railing.

Niwa Shewry, backside noseblunt.


Invitational Finalists
1st – Lenard Tejada
2nd – Bowman Hansen
3rd – Josh Wilson
4th – Niwa Shewry
5th – Beach Thurlow