BOWLZILLA Wellington 2021 — the National Park Skating Championships —  was the cure for 2020.

The host city turned it on by welcoming everyone back from a year of COVID exile. The hospitality, the fans, the weather, and the skating were precisely what everyone has been screaming for.

Skateboarding.NZ has been working hard to build a new model of national support. Their good work shone through this weekend. Although BOWLZILLA Wellington is the only local pathway for local skaters to qualify for the Olympic Games, it was barely mentioned because the community’s camaraderie was the most important part of the whole celebration. The glory of the rings can wait; friends, family and skating came first. 

Niwa Shewry, frontside stalefish, Photo by David Read

It has been said so many times — because it is true — when the weather is perfect in Wellington, it is the best little city in the world. Combine that with the local fans, the incredible support of the city and sponsors and the skaters, it seems all pushing themselves further than before, and this year will be remembered as a highwater mark. 

Ella Vincent-Hyde, backside carve grind, Photo by David Read

Wellington City Council and the sponsors went above and beyond to ensure that the post-COVID welcome back would be nothing short of spectacular. Dickies, with their hard-wearing workwear, made sure the Open competitors got appropriately paid for the hard work. Yeah Gnar once again helped cement the fact that Women’s skating is rightfully equally acknowledged and supported. Civil Parks worked overtime to get the site open and comfortable for all the fans; the skate nerds favourite toy, Tech Deck, gave fantastic support to the 16 & Unders; the Masters are always valued and supported by everyone. The Cambridge Hotel housed all the crew and competitors and provided the perfect gathering place. All of the sponsors including Santa Cruz, Independent, Skullcandy, Manual Magazine, Spitfire / Irrom Distribution, Powerhaus Automotive, Sky Sport Next, Vans, Red Bull, Wellington Association and Skateboarding.NZ were bloody awesome.

Monty Graham, Smith grind, Photo by David Read

The New Zealand National Champions for 2021 are; Women –Krysta Ashwell NZ Champion, Tech Deck 16 & Under – Sam Westerkamp, the Masters champion for 2021 is Orson Reynolds, and the Dickies Opens champion for 2021 was the Tech Deck 16 & Under champion for 2020 – Niwa Shewry.



Dickes Open
1 – Niwa Shewry
2 – Bowman Hansen
3 – Derek de Souza
4 – Stefan Robin
5 – Josh Wilson
6 – Tom Mitchell
7 – Chris Wood
8 – Remus Henare
9 – Rico Henare
10 – Noah Winningham
11 – Levi Rhind
12 – Ken Te Ohaere
13 – Nick Bush
14 – Alexi Dowley
15 – Nicholas Joyen-Conseil
16 – Chris Curran
17 – Kere James Milroy
18 – Will Butler

1 – Krysta Ashwell
2 – Billie Morrison
3 – Yeva Sauytska
4 – Gala Baumfield
5 – Ela Poynter
6 – Ella Vincent-Hyde
7 – Jessica Ready
8 – Evelyn Armstrong
9 – Poppy-Jo Garratt
10 – Jessica Lord
11 – Georgia Hudson
12 – Chrystal Daller
13 – Eva Corkery
14 – Aaliyah Iwikau
15 – Poppy Cottrell

1 – Orson Reynolds
2 – Leigh Mackenzie
3 – Von Griffin
4 – Nathan Adams
5 – Hayden McDermott
6 – Simon Hunt
7 – Nicholas Bennett
8 – Aaron Bell
9 – Craig Harris
10 – Scott Wilkinson
11 – Adam Warriner

Tech Deck 16 & Under
1 – Sam Westerkamp
2 – Max Hancock
3 – Monty Graham
4 – Marshall Littlefair
5 – Felix Griffin
6 – Ace Findlay
7 – Lochie Barrie
8 – Jake Harris
9 – Carter Williams


A huge thanks goes out to all the friends, family, fans, media, sponsors, supporters, community and skaters for what was truly one of the best years ever for BOWLZILLA Wellington.

Livestream video by Atmos Films.
Photos by Kevin Francis, Jake Hood, Matt Markland and David Read