Geoff Campbell casts another who’s who of Melbourne’s four-wheeled underbelly. Like a slappy through a buttery curb, this one is a cut above.

Filmed & Edited by Geoff Campbell. Additional filming by Neihana Tonkin and Leo Carroll-Capp.

Featuring (in order of appearance): Ben Lawrie, Harry Clark, Bol Lual, Raph Langlsow, Jack O’Grady, Nick Boserio, Brad Saunders, Bryce Golder, Rowan Davis, Callum Paul, Jack Kirk, Aussie D, Cade Wilson-Russ, Casey Foley, Corey Young, Lardo, Kristen, Shaun Paul, Jon Fitzgerald, Riley Pavey, Harry McEvoy, Paddy McEvoy, Max Couling feat. Paul Battlay, Lakka, Pinga, Ben Lawrie, Deezo, Tom Snape, Digby Luxton feat. Matt Beck, Ben Lawrie, Matt Beck’s arse, Kerry Wharekawa, Sgt. Larez and Jack Kirk.

In loving memory of Tully West, Keegan Walker and Lewis Marnell.