Wellington City Council, Redhead or Dead Events, Skateboarding.NZ, Wellington Skateboarding Association and Miryoku Agency had the Capital ringing this year with the New Zealand 2020 National Park / Bowl Skating Championships with BOWLZILLA Wellington.

Wellington, March 7, 2020: Skateboarding.NZ made sure the New Zealand National Skateboarding Park / Bowl competition series was the most awesome so far. We’re all here to show how much fun skating is. Today proved our case.

BOWLZILLA Wellington got the weather this year. When Wellington turns it on there is no better place in the world. It really is the best little city in the world.

Yeah Gnar made it possible for BOWLZILLA Wellington to be the largest Equality in Skateboarding event in New Zealand for the third year in a row and Civil Concrete stepped up and actually made sure BOWLZILLA Wellington got across the line this year and as a result every single sponsor, participant and fan got to be part of the best year ever BOWLZILLA Wellington.

Kadin Goldsmith, high-speed 50-50.

The New Zealand National Champions for 2020 are; Women – Paula Costales 1st and Krysta Ashwell NZ Champion, 16 & Under – Niwa Shewry who is also New Zealand Champion, the Masters champion for 2020 is Ramon Thackwell who also holds the New Zealand Championship and Jakob Robinson won the Opens for a second year and Shaun Boucher was crowned the New Zealand Champion for the fifth year in a row which is what is colloquially called a legacy.

The interest in skateboarding is growing and that could clearly be seen by the increase in participation and support. This year Wellington City Council, New Zealand Community Trust, Civil Concrete, Yeah Gnar, Skateboarding.NZ, Vans, Dickies, Trinity Distribution, Santa Cruz, Fruity Grip, Spitfire, Irrom Distribution, GoPro, Wellington Skateboarding Association, Protec, Hardcore, Trinity Distribution, Red Bull, Tech Deck, Vans and Sky Sport.

Paula Costales, layback frontside air.

“From where we’ve come in the last five years to now is fascinating in the history of skateboarding. The greatest part of it though is how important the core values of skateboarding are protected and supported in the current desire for cultural alignment by outside interests. As skaters we will always embrace those wanting to work with and support our community. We are nothing without that support and we will continue to show respect for that support and ensure it enables our community. Whatever lay ahead, BOWLZILLA Wellington 2020 showed what is possible.” Chad Ford, Director – BOWLZILLA Wellington

 For the fifth year in a row BOWLZILLA Wellington supported and entertained the New Zealand community with greatest skating and the most enthusiastic fans. 2021 is going to be bloody awesome.

Shaun Boucher, Madonna.


Tech Deck 16 & Under
2. Zedyn Fellows
3. Remus Henare
4. Max Hancock
5. Liam Hayes
6. Rico Henare
7. Monty Graham
8. Tobias Moreno Mondi

1. Ramon Thackwell – NEW ZEALAND CHAMPION
2. Stephen Crump
3. Sean Ritchie
4. Dave Crabb
5. Von Griffin
6. Nathan Adams
7. David  Read
8. Olly Burke
9. Orson Reynolds
10. Scott Wilkinson
11. Adam Warriner
12. Mason Lockyer

1. Paula Costales
2. Krysta Ashwell – NEW ZEALAND CHAMPION
3. Billy Morrison
4. Rhya Henare
5. Gala Baumfield
6. Poppy-Joe Garratt
7. Abbey Rebell
8. Ella Vincent-Hyde
9. Sharee Dowdall
10. Abby Jessop

1. Jakob Robinson
2. Louis Newman
4. Bowman Hansen
5. Dereck De Souza
6. Tom Mitchell
7. Josh Wilson
8. Chris Curren
9. Johan Alexi Dowley
10. Kadin Elliott
11. John Dickinson
12. Jordan Nunns
13. Ken Te Ohaere
14. Damon Cahill
16. Sean Cupples
17. George Nayldor
18. Jack Ansted
19. Mitchell Jordan
20. Levi Rhind
21. Stuart Roper



The Sponsors that made it possible are: Wellington City Council, Skateboarding.NZ, Irrom, Santa Cruz, Protec, Hardcore, Trinity Distribution, Fruity Grip, DSCO Bearings, Wellington Skateboarding Association, Dickies, GoPro, Protec, Tech Deck, Redhead Or Dead, Manual Magazine, Dickies, Civil Concrete, Yeah Gnar NZ, Redhead Or Dead, Miryoku Agency and the many others. Thank you for everyone that helped get from there to here.

All photos by David Read.