YGB – the artist collective that has taken many forms over the years, assembles once again for 'DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB'. A beautifully crafted documentary, that takes an honest look at making a living vs chasing the dream.

A look into the balancing act of making art while also making a living, featuring a collective of artists once known as YGB (Young, Gifted and Broke). The documentary follows people such as Tom Scott, Haz Beats, Lucky Lance, Esther Stephens, Hone Be Good, Christoph El Truento, Elliot Francis Stewart, Bailey Wiley, ENOxDIRTY and others behind the curtain of their stage names and into the back stages of their real lives. It’s the first full length film from the newly established record label YEARS GONE BY (YGB Records).

Producer – Tom Scott
Director – Tom Scott
Editor – Jason Delaveau
DOP – Tak Soropa + Luca Macioce
Sound Mix – Tom Broome + Ben Lawson
Music – Karnan Saba + The Avantdale Bowling Club
Drone pilot – Petra Leary
Additional camera – Jason Delaveau, Blaze Bailey, Lucas Smyth, Rush T
Titles and typography – Charlotte McCrae, Elliot Francis Stewart, Marcus Ringrose
Colourist – Images & Sound