Highlights of the four-wheeled fun from International Go Skate-Boarding Day at Auckland’s Valonia Skate Park.

Typically trying to hold an outdoor skate event in the middle of Winter would be scoffed at and called madness. Obviously the inventors of ‘Go Skate Day’ weren’t thinking about the Southern Hemisphere when they chose the middle of Winter, June 21, as an annual day of celebration. Thankfully, we got super, super lucky with the weather (for once), with the day going off without a drop of rain.

Kyle Svensen, backside nosegrind.

Approximately 300 skateboarders packed Valonia Skate Park, in Auckland’s inner west, for a day of four-wheeled fun. From age four to 45, skateboarders from all dispositions and design partook in an array of activities such as the dizzy kickflip, the fastest coffin, and the death race. Spirits were high, the merchandise was on flow, and the comradery that skateboarders across the world know well, was in full effect.

Maninja, alley oop frontside over the channel!

The 2019 Go Skate-Boarding Day event in Auckland was made possible with support from Vans New Zealand, Manual Magazine, Irrom Distribution, Substance NZ, Step Up Industries, Head 1st Agency, Venture Trucks, Dickies, Bones Wheels, DGK, Young Gun Skate Skool and Girl Skate NZ.