The skater-owner brand that cast Ed Templeton, Andrew Morrison and Andy Howell onto the world stage is delving into their treasure chest, reissuing their distinctive boards and graphics from the early 90s to mark their impending 30th anniversary.

Back when the skateboarding world was ruled by five mega companies (Vision, Powell-Peralta, NHS, Independent, Tracker) a group of likely lads—Paul Schmitt (genius board maker), Steve Douglas (British vertical lip-trick legend) and artist extraordinaire and shuvit-master Andy Howell—joined forces to launch a new breed of skater-owner company that would confidently leave the neon of the 80s behind. The New Deal defined what was to come of the early 1990s. Read all about the history of TND here.

Andrew Morrison getting bent about his New Deal.
Shitty graphics, terribly good skateboarding.

For their 30th anniversary, the dream team are back together crafting some era-accurate reissues from their first two years. While the boards don’t drop until September this year, stores are placing orders right now, so express your interest at your local shop or through Irrom Distribution or risk missing out.

In the meantime watch the New Deal’s impressive video archive freshly uploaded from the master tapes:

15 Minute Promo: FULL LENGTH | New Deal (1990)

*useless wooden toys: FULL LENGTH | New Deal (1990)

1281: FULL LENGTH | New Deal (1991)

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