Ben Ferguson and the Diaries crew head out on an overnight New Zealand snowmobile excursion in the final DDU episode of the 2018 season.

Ben Ferguson is known for his Olympic halfpipe accolades but his unique approach to terrain and creativity on his board is what sets him apart. In this episode he joins the crew for a backcountry excursion that goes well beyond the New Zealand norm.

The crew are granted ONE-OFF snowmobile access to Robrosa Hut (usually only accessible by ski touring or helicopter) and damnnnn this is the spot!! The all-star team including Carlos Garcia Knight, Nick Brown and Nick Hyne join Ben as they get creative in the varied and epic terrain that New Zealand is renowned for.

Riders: Carlos Garcia Knight, Nick Brown, Nick Hyne and Ben Ferguson

Filming: James Holman
Additional film/intro sequence: Tyler Orton
Drone filming: Nick Hyne

Thumbnail Image: Nick Hyne.
Edit: James Holman.