Underage modeling, Weeties Team, Open VIP and karaoke brothels. Carlos knows how to scope a room.

Frontside 360, Minarets Station Photo by Vaughan Brookfield

Weet-Bix ads? Yeah, that was actually pretty tight. We filmed a few ads together but the best one was at Snowplanet. They let me lap the place all night and filled it up with this dope lighting set-up. They actually did a really good job. A lot of the corporate type gigs can make action sports cheesy really quickly, but they worked in with me well to make something legit, and I was hyped with that! I still get called out for being the Weet-Bix kid all the time, which is pretty crackup. US Open stories? That event is loose. Since it’s the most historic event in the game, everyone is there, so it’s insane hanging out with all the legends you’ve looked up to all your life. Best story was sneaking into the VIP party and having shots with everyone! Dragged to the bars by Nick (Brown) and Nick (Hyne) at 14? Those dudes are epic! One night Browner made me do a fashion show at a bar with a bunch of mid-twenties girls so he could get an in with one of the girls modeling in it. I woke up the next morning to go ride with him and sure enough he walked upstairs with one of the models he brought home that night! Such a G. What do you do to keep busy with injury downtime? I just got a new camera, so I’ve been hyped on going on little adventures all over the show and exploring New Zealand a bit more and taking photos wherever we go. Most bizarre place snowboarding has taken you? A karaoke brothel. We were in Korea trying to go to a karaoke bar with the boys and walked into the wrong one, I guess. Super weird, haha. Best thing about growing up in Christchurch? Being able to skate, surf and snowboard in the same day, and having family close by. Underrated New Zealand snowboarders? JJ Rayward and Tiarn Collins. Those dudes slay.