It's safe to say that most of what comes from the South, has equal amounts of raw and grit, as it does brilliant skateboarding.

What Majick Templeton has just dropped to the web is 19 minutes of the previously mentioned “brilliant skateboarding” and then some… Hopefully it’s enough to get you out the front door.

Featuring: Matthieu Lucas, Myka Stringer, Hunter Moore, Brodie Shelton, Max Thompson, Reece Brooker, Chunks Norton, Finn Roberts, Roscoe Moore, Niwa Warner, Pat Flanagan, Tom Van Der Heu, Cole Mcdonald, Stacy Cooper, Pj Wybrow, Tomoki Peters, Taine Darroch, Fyffe Tarres, Billy Mclachlan, Damian Thompson and David Chen.

Filmed and Edited by: Majick Templeton
Photograph by: Tomoki Peters