The Treetops skate jam on Sunday, 21 January 2018. Presented by Wellington Skateboarding Association and Fusion Surf Skate Supported by Coffee Supreme, Element, Dickies, DVS, Lakai, Strange Life skateboards, Blama Laminates and Rich Landscapes.

The Treetops skate jam represents the successful completion of WSA project #01: Treetops makeover. Through a crowdfunding campaign in late 2017, the WSA raised nearly $6000 to build four new obstacles for Treetops, Wellington’s best DIY skate spot. These obstacles—a flat bar, ledge, curbs and hipped quarter pipe—were designed and manufactured by the WSA team (with some professional help) and installed at Treetops the day before the skate jam. Prizes were given for best tricks on each of the new obstacles, as well as best trick into the dirt hill, longest kickflip, and winner of a tic-tac race.

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Instagram: @wsa_nz
Facebook: wellingtonskateboardingassociation

Music: The Meters, Cissy Strut
Filming: Max Olijnyk and Duncan Allen
Edit: Max Olijnyk