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In Boston with Brandon Westgate

By on Thursday May 12 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

Brandon Westgate’s track record is more then enough proof of his hard working attitude. While continually pushing the limits in the streets all over the world, he also maintains and operates “Westgate Cranberries,” a cranberry bog in rural New England. His first signature collection from… More ›

New World Element: Australia

By on Sunday April 17 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

New World Element heads down under, bringing to our screens, full parts from Alex Lawton and Dennis Durrant. This episode is heavy from start to finish featuring guest appearances from Sam Atkins, Mitch Morrison, Evan Smith, Nyjah Huston, Brandon Westgate, Greyson Fletcher and Nick Garcia alongside… More ›

New World Element: Brazil

By on Thursday April 7 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

Lucas Xapparal and Klaus Bohm lead the charge against a bounty of Brazilian street spots for the first installment of New World Element. Stacking clips with Brandon Westgate, Evan Smith, and Mason Silva, the guys produced one-hell-of an opener. Every Friday throughout April Element will be releasing… More ›

Element Welcomes Brandon Westgate

By on Saturday April 18 2015 in News, Skateboarding, Video

The reigning title-holder for the term East Coast Powerhouse, is without a doubt Brandon Westgate; he’s truly in a class of his own. While power, pop, and innovation define his skateboarding, you won’t find ego or bravado cluttering his success. His footage conveys a mastery… More ›

Zoo York: King Of New York

By on Thursday December 12 2013 in Skateboarding, Video

Zoo York’s latest visual offering ‘King Of New York’ brings the team back to the city that’s shaped the company over the last 20 years. Featuring: Chaz Ortiz, Dave Willis, Kevin Tierney, Travis Glover, Ron Deily, and Brandon Westgate. Ricky Oyola even makes a guest appearance. More ›

Emerica: Made – Chapter One Download

By on Tuesday September 17 2013 in News, Skateboarding, Video

If you’re a self respecting skateboarder you would have watched Emerica’s new video Made – Chapter One over the weekend. If you didn’t you blew it big time. Jeremy Leabres, Collin Provost, Leo Romero and Brandon Westgate absolutely shred in this no filler all killer… More ›

Emerica MADE DVD

By on Friday September 6 2013 in News, Skateboarding

Considering Stay Gold was one of the best releases ever it’d be safe to say Made will be nothing short of insane. Featuring Collin Provost, Brandon Westgate and Leo Romero. Dropping in the finer skate shops September 13th, stay tuned for premiere news. More ›