Supportive, Durable and sharp looking. Fit for the skater with an out of this world flick. Brandon’s Signature Numeric shoe might just be the one for you.

So you want to obtain the flick and steez of the one and only Brandon Westgate? We’ll best of luck to you – let’s hope your genes are as good as his. However, if you are looking for a leg up this might be a good place to start.

New Balance Numeric have designed this sporty masterpiece for the man himself, and given it the most prestigious of names: Westgate 913. God knows what 913 stands for, but nine is almost 10, and 10 is pretty freakin’ awesome.

Including super smart running shoe technology (‘cause Brandon skates super fast, duh!). Side mesh panels so your feet can get maximum airflow. Wrapped up in a durable and supportive package, that looks good to boot. Some would give it a 9.13 out of 10. We’re placing this firmly at 10/10. Especially in all black.

Available at finer skate shops across New Zealand. Also available online at