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Manual Magazine




It all started at our parents houses back in 1997 on a dodgy PC. We were fuelled by junk food and cheap Malaysian. In 2003 we started First Floor Publishing so we could have a home for all three of our magazines – Manual, Spoke and the now defunct Staple.

Manual is now New Zealand’s leading skateboarding and snowboarding magazine and website, featuring national and international coverage of skateboarding, snowboarding, music and art, with an emphasis on quality photography, illustration and graphic design.

If you want to contribute to Manual or have any questions (or insults), drop us a line here.

Manual Magazine costs NZ$12.50 (plus postage) a copy and is published twice a year – May and November. Check the stockists’ page for where to buy it.



David Read, Director

Wellingtonian David Read is an anomaly somewhere between AV club nerd and bogan. He’s a self-disciplined perfectionist who prefers the company of Upper Hutt metal refugees to Welliwood glitterati though his chameleonic charm ensures he can tete-a-tete happily with either. Over twenty years ago David helped give birth to Manual on a wing and many prayers; he’s run it on fumes for 60 issues and counting, expects as much of his own work as his contributors and is consequently New Zealand’s most respected skateboard photographer.


Jake Mein, Editor/Photographer

Jake is an up and coming photographer who is starting to make his mark in both the skateboard, and snowboard, scenes here in NZ. His polite and unassuming nature is infectious, and he continues to wow me with fresh images on the regular.


Connor Hill, Associate Editor/Content Creator

Connor is cool