Shout out to Izzak at Outsiders, Damian from 44 Ramps and the lads at the 03 Barbershop for supporting the scene and putting on such a fun event. It’s super important we support our local skate shops as we won’t get these opportunities!

Environment Canterbury kindly allowed the use of their car park, conveniently placed opposite Outsiders Skateshop. 44 Ramps provided the goods and brought down some super fun Gator-Skinned ramps for everyone to play on, alongside some rails and a ledge from Outsiders. Thanks to George Read, @thehostfromthecoast, for putting on the sounds and MCing for the day.

There was a great turnout, with about 40 people skating throughout the day and plenty supporting from the sidelines. I managed to film a few clips during the Men’s finals and after the jam. Like always, I wish I’d got the camera out early in the day, but I had too much fun skating with everyone.

The sessions were jam-format, with the goal of doing three different tricks on three different obstacles. The Under-16s were up first. The judges had it hard with kids flying around everywhere, making it difficult to watch everyone. In the end, Jake Harris took the top spot.

Under 16 Results

1st — Jake Harris
2nd — Will
3rd — Freddy Baker

The Christchurch women’s skate scene seems to get stronger yearly — at least eight girls were skating. Phoebe Chatterton took top honours with consistent runs and a variety of tricks.

Women Results

1st — Phoebe Chatterton
2nd — Sky Lyon
3rd — Rose Jenkins

The Open Group had some heavy hitters. The judges had to make some hard decisions, as everyone was sending it during the heats, making it super difficult to decide who went through. Six skaters made it to the finals, where I picked up the camera and attempted to keep up with them. Four out of the six were over 30. Shout out to the boys for showing the young ones the way!

Pauly Kauri brought the positive vibes and threw down multiple front board variations, switch, shuv in, and 270s out.

Tom Green had some solid ledge tricks and one of the sickest hardflips off the kicker. This man knows how to take a slam and keep going!

James Kingston, the most consistent skater of the day, took home the top spot. It was a full send for Kingston, who put down multiple lines and rarely repeated tricks. He even smashed out a bonus backside flip over the A-frame rail to flat after the competition was over and shut it down!

Open Results

1st — James Kingston
2nd — Tom Green
3rd — Pauly Kauri

Izzak and Damian want to thank everyone for coming down and supporting us! Watch the socials for more info on a mid-year competition in the works.


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