Auckland-based skateboarder Jess Lord on rituals, skating with your eyes closed and Drew Barrymore.

Crooked grind nollie shuvit out, Auckland


17 years old


Boardertown, Irrom Distribution flow (Primitive Skateboards, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels). I just got on CONS flow.



Currently residing?


Who do you look up to?

Simon Thorp and Morri, for sure. Amber Clyde has done great things for girls skateboarding and was my first teacher

Who should be pro?

Theo Clarke 100%. He’s insane

Who else is good as?

Everyone that I skate with! Jessica, Millie, Billie, Manawa, Billy, and Jasper are all killing it

New Zealand skateboarding needs more?

Funding and skateparks, especially indoor ones

New Zealand Skateboarding needs less?

Kids on scooters

Most played song on your phone?

“Drew Barrymore” — SZA

Pet peeves?

Auckland weather, ugh!

Pre-skate rituals?

Watching clips on Instagram to get me hyped up

Trick you can do with your eyes closed?


Trick I’ll probably never do?


Line or single trick?

Lines are harder but way more fun

Low impact and last, or smash it and go out with a bang?

Just gotta send it and go out with a bang.

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This article was first published in Manual, Issue 70, April 2023.