The Wellington Ramp Riot celebrated its fifth innings with a truck-stomping rip-a-licious celebration of all things rampy.

Photo Gallery

All photos by David Read



16 & Under – Mini Ramp

1st: Marshall Littlefair
2nd: Felix Griffin
3rd: Thomas Cottrell

Women’s — Mini Ramp

1st: Gala Baumfield
2nd: Rose Nawalowalo
3rd: Mikaela Venimore

Master’s — Vert

1st: Chris Wood
2nd: Von Griffin
3rd: Simon Hunt

Open — Vert

1st: Louis Newman
2nd: Josh Wilson
3rd: Alexi Dowley

Open — Mini Ramp

1st: Alexi Dowley
2nd: Trent Hunter
3rd: Josh Wilson

The fifth annual Wellington Ramp Riot was made possible by Coffee Supreme, Vans Skateboarding, Empire, Strangelife Skateboards, Year Gnar, Ace Trucks, Bones Wheels and Wellington Skateboarding Association.