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NZSOTY2015 Nominee – Edwin Massold

By on Saturday January 30 2016 in Exclusive, Skateboarding

Edwin’s rail–conquering skills are what legends are made of. We’re not alone in wondering where all the footage came from, but it’s here, and we’re not complaining; it’s not just footage he’s accumulating either. Edwin worked his arse off to get photo after photo, appearing in… More ›

NZSOTY2015 Nominee – Beach Thurlow

By on Wednesday January 27 2016 in Exclusive, Skateboarding

Beach’s skateboarding has been outstanding year to year. However last year was definitely something else. Aside from producing his own content (The Plot Thickens series) and releasing a Tested video, he took last part honours in the Thirty-Nine video (also nominated for part of the year)… More ›