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Straw Talk

By on Thursday April 6 2017 in News, Skateboarding, Video

Straw Talk from Tully West on Vimeo. New clips, new clips. This time from Melbourne filmer Tully West featuring Cade Wilson-Russ, Bryce Golder, Jeremy Corea, Elijah Robertson, Hootie Andrewes, Jack Fagan (breaking rails), LP Nuku, Digby Luxton, Max Couling, Jack Dargan, Isaac Matz, Arthur Kay… More ›

Up For Grabs

By on Sunday August 28 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

Scott Rishworth treats us to his latest full video, Up For Grabs, bringing some of Auckland’s finest together once again (watch his previous works here). Look out for a full feature on the video in issue #63, on sale next month. Featuring, Zach Wheeler, Alex Sharman,… More ›

Onti Goes

By on Wednesday July 20 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

Colin Evans’ latest video project could well be named the ‘Unofficial Ex-Pat Video’ with the exception of a handful of your favourite Aussies; but until then lets go with its given name, Onti Goes – which is possibly the best video from a wax company that you’ll ever see. Featuring:… More ›


By on Thursday December 17 2015 in Skateboarding, Video

The latest Dazlog film has arrived! Coming in at just under 15 minutes, :5120: features some fine foot work from the likes Deen Rakich, Robbie Blunsom, Ben ‘Puff’ Morice, Toby Locke, Elijah Robertson, Brett Band and many more. Dig in! Note: Watching in stereo sound is recommended. More ›

Issue #59 On Sale Now!

By on Wednesday September 23 2015 in Exclusive, News

The Spring Issue, September 2015: Our cover boy Kayle Lawson has always possessed that extra something. Sightings over the years have continually shown a sharp shooting craftsman, who is second to none. After dropping off the radar for a brief moment Klawsss is back. He’s still calm… More ›


By on Monday March 23 2015 in Exclusive, Skateboarding, Video

The hype for Scott Rishworth’s newest video, WEAOTEA, has been steadily building for sometime now, and after the premiere last Friday night, it’s ready for a much sought-after online screening. We think everyone will agree that Zach Wheeler, Elijah Robertson and the rest of the posse have definitely… More ›

Judgement Day

By on Sunday February 9 2014 in Skateboarding, Video

The future of New Zealand skateboarding is looking good, especially with epic videos popping up everywhere like Scott Rishworth’s newest release Judgement Day featuring the likes of Ben HD, Conrad Blain-Caunce, Callum Magdwick, Mikey Gibson, Seamus Peters, Flynn Gough, Ross Emery, Christian Low, Will Godfrey, Simon Thorp, Kerry… More ›