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Diaries Downunder: Jye Kearney & The Mega Storm

By on Wednesday September 21 2016 in Snowboarding, Video

Diaries Downunder recently flew Australian professional snowboarder, Jye Kearney, into Christchurch for their latest episode – along with Rob Mitchell, Nick Hyne, Ben Comber and Nick Brown, the crew make their way to Mount Hutt to tackle the heavy snowfall. The atmosphere changes rapidly however when… More ›

Diaries Downunder 2016 Winter Teaser

By on Wednesday June 15 2016 in Snowboarding, Video

The Diaries crew are gearing up for a full on winter season, kicking things off with this teaser for their 2016 series, which will feature these guys: Nick Brown, Mahi Mains, Nick Hyne, Stef Zeestraten, Blake Thornton, Roland Morley-Brown, Seth Hill and more. More ›

Diaries Downunder: Snow, Surf or both?

By on Monday August 17 2015 in Snowboarding, Video

In episode two of Diaries Downunder the crew pay Mt Cheeseman a visit. Australian professional surfer, Blake Thornton flies into Christchurch from Sydney, where he’s thrown into the mix with Nick Hyne, Nick Brown and Roland Morley-Brown as they make the most of the amazing snow conditions right now.… More ›

Diaries Downunder Episode 1

By on Wednesday July 18 2012 in News, Skateboarding

The first episode of Diaries Downunder is here,Nick Hyne and Stef Zeestraten pick up New Zealand professional surfer Maz Quinn and take him straight up to Snow Park NZ to see how his skills transfer on the snow. The next morning heli tours picks up… More ›

Diaries Downunder, Episode Three

By on Monday August 29 2011 in Snowboarding, Video

August sees the usual insurgence of international riders coming to Queenstown including – Sebastien Toutant, Mark McMorris, Keiji Okamoto, Yuuki Kadono, Giom Morisset and Seppe Smits – The Downunder crew scoop them up for some Bungy and Golf at Jacks Point the day before the… More ›


By on Thursday September 23 2010 in News

This episode the DD crew go on a road trip from Queenstown to Mt Hutt with help from backpacker campervans. Mt Hutt welcomes them with an epiic 60ft step-up style channel-gap jump and a butter pad along with a bluebird day! Pooch, Nick Hyne, Nick… More ›