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Concrete Desert

By on Wednesday October 11 2017 in Skateboarding, Video

A wee while back Beach Thurlow took off to Central America with not much more than his board and artist/partner, Tukana Dalton. What followed was an intrepid journey from Costa Rica to Peru skating all the sand made architecture one could ask for. Here’s a taste… More ›

ALC Apparel: A Lost Cause, Part 2

By on Monday December 19 2016 in Exclusive, Skateboarding, Video

ALC Apparel and Eyewear are back with part two of their notoriously heavy video, A Lost Cause – as seen in the ‘A Lost Highway’ photo story in Issue #64 – featuring their extended family, consisting of James Huntley, Maluai Palakua, Karl Truell, Adam Kinsman, Shibby Strofer, Matt Sole… More ›

Brother Rippers

By on Tuesday October 4 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

The latest drop from Beach Thurlow, and a mighty fine one at that – featuring Edwin Massold, Jack Byrne, Harry Luxton, Leighton Kemp, Chase Collins, Guy Collier and Nico Gottschalk. More ›

Settlers 2 ”Total Re-Do”

By on Monday August 1 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

An accurate account of Christchurch skateboarding in recent years, brought to you by Zack Gray. Featuring: Louis Judd, Andrew Pope, Zack Gray, Rapid, Morph, Josh Wilson, Reece Brooker, Kurt Green, Cade Wilson-Russ, Matt Beck, Jordan McStay, Billy McLachlan, Jack Dargan, Olly Wilson, Liam McCulloch, Issac Oke,… More ›

Likewise Promo – Trailer

By on Friday April 22 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

Since its inception Likewise has slowly been building its roster full of Kiwi talent, with the likes Edwin Massold, Ben Wallis, Jesse Peters, Sean Bone and Beach Thurlow. It’s now that they’re proud to present their first promo, and it’s dropping next Monday. More ›

S & S Express: New Plymouth

By on Monday April 11 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

S & S Distribution recently rounded up a portion of their team and hit the road with their eyes sent on the land of the hardcore. Here’s a raw look at what they managed to accomplish, featuring team riders, Beach Thurlow, Jesse Egden, Jesse Abolins-Reid, Luke Browne,… More ›

NZSOTY2015 Nominee – Beach Thurlow

By on Wednesday January 27 2016 in Exclusive, Skateboarding

Beach’s skateboarding has been outstanding year to year. However last year was definitely something else. Aside from producing his own content (The Plot Thickens series) and releasing a Tested video, he took last part honours in the Thirty-Nine video (also nominated for part of the year)… More ›

‘Thirty-Nine’ Full Video

By on Monday January 11 2016 in Exclusive, Skateboarding, Video

Here’s the full length Thirty-Nine video for your online enjoyment, with parts from Jack Byrne, Josh Wilson, Edwin Massold and Beach Thurlow. Filmed and edited by Chris Maessen. If you’re after an actual copy of the DVD, we’re currently giving them away with any shop orders… More ›

The Element Invitational 2015 Video

By on Friday December 18 2015 in Events, Skateboarding, Video

Here’s an official account of the events that took place at Vic Park on December 6th. The 2015 Element Invitational, attracted names from all across the country including the likes of Jesse Abolins, Lenard Tejada, Justice Reid, Chase Collins, James Kingston, Beach Thurlow, Tai Wepa – the… More ›

The Plot Thickens

By on Wednesday November 25 2015 in News, Skateboarding, Video

Beach Thurlow is slowly becoming his very own media outlet. From zines to web clips, here’s his first offering ‘The Plot Thickens’, featuring Jack Byrne, Tu Grace, Leighton Kemp, Edwin Massold, Olly Wilson, Josh Wilson and the man himself. More ›

Thirty-Nine Recap

By on Wednesday October 21 2015 in Events, Exclusive, News

Who ever said you needed popcorn, ushers and luxury lazyboys to have a great premiere obviously didn’t attended the Thirty-Nine screening at 39 Hankey Street, Wellington, last Saturday. As the sun set and the backyard filled up, everyone eagerly awaited to witness the efforts of Beach Thurlow, Edwin Massold, Josh… More ›