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“Devoted” Documentary: Teaser 2

By on Thursday February 9 2017 in Skateboarding, Video

French artist, Lucas Beaufort positions himself behind the lens for his latest project, Devoted, a documentary on media and how it influences skateboarding. Here’s the second tease, featuring the likes of Giovanni Reda, Pj Ladd, Lance Mountain, Marc Johnson, Michael Burnett, Paul Schmitt, Jamie Owens… More ›

H-BOMB Sampler

By on Saturday February 4 2017 in Skateboarding, Video

A throwback to the golden era in Hamilton skateboarding (and the years that followed) is on its way, in the form of Dave Hardie’s H-BOMB video. Expect to see top notch skateboarding from the likes of Steven Carter, Jayden De Pina, Pedro Day, Kerry Peryer, Jesse… More ›

2017 Porirua Skate Jam

By on Tuesday January 31 2017 in Events, News, Skateboarding

The Porirua Skate Jam is back for its ninth year. Free Entry and $3000+ worth of cash and prizes up for grabs in a variety of divisions including 12 & Under, 16 & Under, Open and Women’s, not to mention a $500 Best Trick contest. Made possible… More ›