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Vans & PASS~PORT: Curb Party

By on Sunday August 28 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

To celebrate the release of the new collaboration between Vans and Pass~Port, the two brands got together and custom built an indoor park complete with a shoe inspired slappy curb. Check out everything that went down in the video above, featuring Callum Paul, Nik Stipanovic,… More ›

Onti Goes

By on Wednesday July 20 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

Colin Evans’ latest video project could well be named the ‘Unofficial Ex-Pat Video’ with the exception of a handful of your favourite Aussies; but until then lets go with its given name, Onti Goes – which is possibly the best video from a wax company that you’ll ever see. Featuring:… More ›

Manual #52 – Out December 9th

By on Wednesday December 4 2013 in Exclusive, Skateboarding

The Summer issue, December 2013 Karl Truell nabs the cover of our giant Summer issue with this absurd double set ollie. Inside: Casey Foley is our latest Close Up and a selection of New Zealand’s new blood are profiled in this issue’s Turning Point. We feature… More ›

Dolphin Days

By on Thursday May 17 2012 in News, Skateboarding

Australian filmer Riley Blakeway has put together this little montage featuring Edgecumbe legend Ryan Wilson alongside Chima Ferguson, Sammy Winter, Bjorn Johnston and Josh Pall. More ›