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Irrom’s Screenplay (2001) Video

By on Thursday September 25 2014 in Skateboarding, Video

Screenplay is not only one of the finest videos New Zealand has ever produced, with the likes of Bernie Foo, Gregg Timms, Nick Lister and Secombe Watene in its lineup, but it also marked the launch of Gareth Stehr’s pro career. Some fine, fine entertainment… More ›

The Second Bolt (Plastic Trophy)

By on Wednesday April 3 2013 in News, Skateboarding, Video

The Second Bolt is a collection of recent footage from the Plastic Trophy/Gold Watch guys. This instalment features Ollie Logan, Dan Kircher, Justin Keeley, Craig Wilmoth, Rhys Campbell, Gareth Stehr, Matt West, Bill Bycroft and Craig Bycroft. The Second Bolt was filmed by Bill Bycroft, Dan… More ›


By on Wednesday December 8 2010 in Exclusive

A video from the Irrom Distribution In Print photo shoot for Manual Magazine Issue 40. Featuring Christian Low, Sean Bone, Justin Keeley, Rhys Campbell, Fred Shallcrass, Craig Bycroft and Reuben Baker. Filmed and Edited by Bill Bycroft. Made possible by Morgan Cronin, special thanks goes… More ›

Throwback Thursday 23 (noseslides)

By on Thursday October 21 2010 in Exclusive

I was actually trying to find some images of the Nationals at Oriental Markets in Auckland for this week’s Throwback (seeing the nats are this weekend) but the digital copies from that era, circa ’97/’98), are eluding me. So instead you have these two almost… More ›


By on Wednesday June 2 2010 in Exclusive

In the year 2002 we thought it’d be a swell idea to make a calendar for the following year. The calendar was a one of a kind for us, maybe not the brightest business idea we have had, but for those who did buy it… More ›


By on Thursday April 15 2010

Jason Parkes has done a well needed revamp of the Upland Road bowl in Remuera. Here’s a clip courtesy of the Irrom boys featuring Parkes, T-Wat, Keith, Nico and others. It looks amazing! More ›