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“the fat kid”

By on Friday March 3 2017 in Skateboarding, Video

Nine out of ten times when Will Strobeck releases a video, the skateboarding world stops and watches in awe; his latest should be no different, especially with a lineup featuring Mark Gonzales, Jake Johnson, Alex Olson, Stefan Janoski, Tim O’Connor, Reese Forbes, Jason Dill, Fred… More ›

Boans Warehouse Demo – Perth 1996

By on Monday November 10 2014 in Skateboarding, Video

Morgan Campbell’s been digging through the archives and has come up with some VHS footage from a 1996 demo at Perth’s Boans Warehouse, featuring Josh Kalis, Fred Gall, Matt Mumford, Laban Pheidias, John Reeves, Morgan Campbell and AJ Mueller. In 1996 the SKAWA (Skateboard Association… More ›

Josh Kalis on VBS

By on Friday March 4 2011 in Skateboarding

I finally got around to checking out all the Kalis episodes… and you should too, if you haven’t already. If you didn’t hold Josh in high regard before you definitely will after watching his episodes. With the help of Sean Sheffey, Stevie Williams, The Chief… More ›


By on Wednesday August 19 2009

DC have remixed Josh Kalis’s Mindfield part to a bit of Jeru the Damaja, head over to check it out. More ›