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Casey Foley Interview

By on Friday June 24 2016 in Exclusive, Skateboarding, Video

Like most, we were hyped upon hearing of Casey Foley’s recent pro plank for The 4 Skateboard Company – With first-class trick selection and effortless style, this Oamaru export has been putting in work on the Melbourne streets for a number of years now. With that… More ›

2 Block by Geoff Campbell

By on Friday February 13 2015 in News, Skateboarding, Video

This spot in the heart of Melbourne city had been sitting dormant for over a decade ruined by large metal seats screwed on top of the marble blocks. All this footage is from November 2011 when for reasons unknown the metal was removed from the… More ›

Melbourne After Dark

By on Monday February 4 2013 in News, Skateboarding, Video

The varial heelflip at the start is definitely contender for the best one ever done, Melbourne after dark by Geoff Campbell featuring: Casey Foley, Jason Morey, Matt Beck, Bryce Golder, Tim Williams, Gabbers, Callum Paul, Dane Burman, Geoff Campbell, Jimmy Roche & Mat Kinsman More ›