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Settlers D3

By on Wednesday October 18 2017 in Skateboarding, Video

Zack Gray has gone online with his third offering from the Settlers series, titled Settlers D3. Much akin to that of the original D3, Zack’s adaption is chocka full of goodness from the likes of Garage, Max Couling, Isaac Oke, Olly Wilson, Ben Frank, Slade… More ›

Straw Talk

By on Thursday April 6 2017 in News, Skateboarding, Video

Straw Talk from Tully West on Vimeo. New clips, new clips. This time from Melbourne filmer Tully West featuring Cade Wilson-Russ, Bryce Golder, Jeremy Corea, Elijah Robertson, Hootie Andrewes, Jack Fagan (breaking rails), LP Nuku, Digby Luxton, Max Couling, Jack Dargan, Isaac Matz, Arthur Kay… More ›


By on Monday November 7 2016

The Christchurch scene really has been producing of late so to keep the ball rolling here’s Tom Clark’s latest video Fortnyt. Featuring the late Kurt Green, James Kingston, Josh Swinard, Louis judd, Liam McCulloch, Tom Clark, Jack Woodrow, Reece Brooker, Olly Wilson, Jack Dargan &… More ›

Settlers 2 ”Total Re-Do”

By on Monday August 1 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

An accurate account of Christchurch skateboarding in recent years, brought to you by Zack Gray. Featuring: Louis Judd, Andrew Pope, Zack Gray, Rapid, Morph, Josh Wilson, Reece Brooker, Kurt Green, Cade Wilson-Russ, Matt Beck, Jordan McStay, Billy McLachlan, Jack Dargan, Olly Wilson, Liam McCulloch, Issac Oke,… More ›

Grilled: Jack Dargan

By on Wednesday November 27 2013 in Exclusive, Grilled, Skateboarding

What’s been going on for you this year? Mostly just working. Pretty much been trying to stack that money and just try and skate as much as possible. I’m trying to make a dope part for Zack’s new video Settlers and just try and bank up… More ›

In The Mix

By on Friday May 11 2012 in News, Skateboarding, Video

Well, I can safely say this made my week. Christchurch skater Tom Clark has put together this mix-tape of sorts. Featuring the likes of Tom Clark, Andrew Davies, Kurt Green, Dan Yeoward, Joel Keogh-Cope, DK, Jack Dargan, Josh Swinard, Zack Gray, Gus Curwood and Manual‘s… More ›