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By on Wednesday March 15 2017 in News, Skateboarding

Representing the pinnacle offering from the Vans Pro Skate collection, Vans introduces ArcAd, a select, limited-distribution Pro Skate classification created to elevate skateboarding performance standards while preserving Vans’ commitment to the upper echelon of core skate shops around the world. For its inaugural season, Vans… More ›

Some of Daddy’s Money

By on Monday September 1 2014

Seeing as montage’s are going to be the theme of the day here’s another quality offering. This time from Will Rosenstock, a clip of some raw footage compiled filming for the Old Dominion video. Featuring Jon Rowe, Ty Beall, Josh Swyers, Gilbert Crockett, Caleb Ocasio… More ›

Gilbert Crockett Pro Shoe Video

By on Tuesday January 14 2014 in News, Skateboarding, Video

Not every skateboarder has such a hands on experience in making their shoe. Gilbert Crockett learnt the ins and outs of shoe design, well before working on his pro model. His pro shoe features Vans’ revolutionary WAFFLECUP bottom unit construction and fully-fused DURACAP upper reinforcement… More ›