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Devoted – A Documentary on Skateboard Media

By on Wednesday September 27 2017 in Skateboarding, Video

“DEVOTED” is a tribute to people who spent their life documenting skateboarding. Obsessed with skateboarding, french artist Lucas Beaufort travelled the globe across Europe, US, Japan and Australia to meet the most influential skateboard media to get their opinion about the future of print. More ›

“Devoted” Documentary: Teaser 2

By on Thursday February 9 2017 in Skateboarding, Video

French artist, Lucas Beaufort positions himself behind the lens for his latest project, Devoted, a documentary on media and how it influences skateboarding. Here’s the second tease, featuring the likes of Giovanni Reda, Pj Ladd, Lance Mountain, Marc Johnson, Michael Burnett, Paul Schmitt, Jamie Owens… More ›

“Devoted” Trailer

By on Monday December 12 2016 in News, Skateboarding, Video

DEVOTED (Trailer). from The LB Project on Vimeo. Artist Lucas Beaufort has been travelling the world working on what might be the first ever documentary on skateboard media. Premiering next year, in the meantime check the trailer. More ›