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By on Saturday April 1 2017

Check out HUF Team Riders Austyn Gillette, Josh Matthews, Brad Cromer, Matt Gottwig, Dick Rizzo, Jake Anderson and special guest Shin Sanbongi as they travel through Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. More ›


By on Tuesday August 9 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

It’ll come as no surprise, that when one of the best teams in skateboarding, visits one of the best cities in skateboarding, that good things happen. With that being said, here’s the latest and greatest film from HUF – featuring Brad Cromer, Jake Anderson, Austyn… More ›

Cream Cheese

By on Wednesday April 27 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

Don’t let the slightly bizarre name fool you, this clip is all-time! Featuring the likes of Brad Cromer, Stevie Perez, Dick Rizzo, Dan Plunkett, Brendan Carroll, Ishod Wair, Brian Delatorre and more. More ›

Brixton: Hand Poked in Montreal

By on Monday March 14 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

A city of incredible architecture and a bounty of spots, Montreal took good care of the Brixton squad on their latest international expedition. Featuring Brad Cromer, Yaje Popson, Kevin Coakley, Riley Boland, Jordan Taylor, Zander Mitchell, Brian Delatorre, Christian Maalouf, Taylor Bingaman, Anthony Schultz and… More ›