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More Strong: Skateboarding in Cambodia

By on Friday September 19 2014 in Skateboarding, Video

In July 2014, Bill Bycroft and Rachel Turner travelled to Phnom Penh to meet the Skateistan Cambodia team. The couple share a passion for skateboarding, traveling and filmmaking, and were inspired to see skateboarding have such a positive impact on youth in Cambodia. They felt… More ›

The Second Bolt (Plastic Trophy)

By on Wednesday April 3 2013 in News, Skateboarding, Video

The Second Bolt is a collection of recent footage from the Plastic Trophy/Gold Watch guys. This instalment features Ollie Logan, Dan Kircher, Justin Keeley, Craig Wilmoth, Rhys Campbell, Gareth Stehr, Matt West, Bill Bycroft and Craig Bycroft. The Second Bolt was filmed by Bill Bycroft, Dan… More ›