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The Spring Issue, Sept 2014:

When the image on this issue’s cover hit our inbox it surprised us and provoked lengthy discussion. Originally created to accompany a critical piece in this issue, we thought, ‘why not put this on the cover?’ It posed relevant questions about our culture; are we as open-minded as we think we are? With every cover image we choose we always ask for a range of opinions on what’s up for selection. This image elicited differing opinions and divided us like nothing before. We like to think that skateboarding is all-accepting. There’s no prerequisite to being involved. No need to be, look or feel a certain way. You just pick up a skateboard and skate. But is it really that black and white? The article ‘Skate, Don’t Hate’ in our Spring 2014 issue questions these ideals in a satirical way, in turn making us question just how tolerant we really are. Considering our recent run of covers, you might think this comes completely from left field. You would, unless you’re a seasoned fan of Manual who has seen some of our more experimental covers of yesteryear. It’s far from your everyday skateboard magazine cover, and yes, it’s challenging, but we felt it was a chance to offer something more thought provoking than your usual diet of atypical skate photos. Hopefully this helps us keep in good shape. | Jake Mein, Editor.

Inside this issue: Hootie Andrewes explores Wellington’s Civic Square, we check out the opportunities at CONS Project Melbourne, we interview Anti Hero’s illustrative provocateur Todd Francis, Static’s Josh Stewart offers his View Point, we check in with Alex Dyer and Eddy Fifield about their new documentary on the barefoot legend Lee Ralph and Hawkes Bay’s up and comer, Sam Allen, blows minds in his feature interview.

Also in this issue: Dom Henry, Ultimate Skate, Ngaruawahia and Invercargill skate parks, Flatbush Zombies, Josh Solomon, Jack Byrne, Michael Mckeagg, Josh Wilson, Jake Atkins, Elijah Robertson, Stuntdubs, Pedro Day and Adam Wharekawa.

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