Manual 44


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The Summer Issue, December 2011 

Manual 44 is another giant issue. The real James McInnes is revealed, Max Couling shares his Top Fives and Chris Middlebrook’s Super 8 work features in View Point. The one and only Johnny Agnew joins the Volcom team for their New Zealand tour. Christian Low is full bleed in this issue’s Close Up, Surf’s Up for Sam Williams, Scott Lai checks in with a Quickfire and Dave Chami puts his work on display at San Francisco’s FTC skate shop. The Analog and Gravis crew go on tour, as do the Irrom lads. Andrés Jensen is our feature artist while Audiowhore catches up with House of Capricorn and Kerretta. Tommy Fynn and Bernie Foo are Decent Decent. To seal the deal there’s a 13 page gallery.

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