Manual 43


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The Spring Issue, Sept 2011 

In this issue we travel to the upper South Island with the Substance NZ skateboard crew Sean Bone, Adam Kinsman, Dallas Marshall, Nico Gottschalk and Gus Curwood. We interview the legendary James Wright where he recounts his recent head injury. Boutique brewer and skateboarder Glenn Wignall features, as does the work of pioneering 1970s skateboard photographer Jim Goodrich – his images of Tony Alva, Steve Alba and more helped define an era. We Escape From Auckland with ALC and the Vans NZ skate team Trout Around. Christchurch skateboarder Jack Dargan is profiled. We have exclusive shots from Mountain Dew’s Skate Pinball. Tommy Fynn shares his Top Fives and photographer Dave Chami checks in with a Viewpoint featuring Ryan Lay, Louie Barletta, Robbie Brockel and Nestor Judkins. Will Jackways and Joseph Whaanga are all over this issue’s Decent Decent. This issue is packed to the brim. 
Limited Offer: Manual 43 comes complete with a limited edition copy of Forum New Zealand’s Below The Belt zine. Urban snowboarding shot during July’s record snowstorm with Josh Zerkel, Liam Peter Ryan, Benji Oppan and Mahi Mains.

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