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Camp Mofoka’s: Baker X Volcom

By on Tuesday March 4 2014 in Skateboarding, Video

Baker Skateboards join forces with Volcom to bring you yet another session where the Volcom TF gets torn to bits. Featuring all your favourites like Cyril Jackson, Collin Provost, Beagle, Dustin Dollin, Dennis Busenitz, Alec Majerus, Jon Dickson, Theotis Beasley, Louie Lopez, Bryan Herman plus many… More ›


By on Thursday May 20 2010

Supra have been releasing some fine looking, and stripped back, shoes of late like the Thunder (low and high) and the Dixon. Accompanying those is NZ crowd pleaser Terry Kennedy’s new shoe The Stacks. Check out the release video above and the sick colour ways… More ›


By on Wednesday April 21 2010

A sick little vid from the KR3W tour late last year featuring clips from their travels through Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. Antwuan even clocks in a few clips, Lizard drops in from a tree and Spencer does Manual’s favourite trick (the bearded lady) at… More ›

TK Society Tour

By on Thursday June 18 2009

Supra are making a bang of the TKs snazzy new hi tops. Come join them (and us) are your local trading post. Thursday 18th at Harlem 23 in AK, and Friday 19th of June at both Cheapskates Wellington and Embassy in Christchurch. More ›