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Nike SB Sydney – Cumberland County

By on Monday May 8 2017

Cumberland County from Nike SB Australia: A video presentation celebrating Sydney and the skateboarding, art and music community that thrives within it. A collaborative project spanning 10 months involving 11 skateboarders, 8 videographers, 7 photographers, 2 bands, 1 graphic designer and 1 animator. Featuring: Charles… More ›

CBD Mucking Vol.1

By on Saturday August 11 2012 in News, Skateboarding, Video

If you only watch one thing today make sure it’s the clip above. Filmed and edited by Shaun Graham with additional filming by Jason Morice. Featuring: Puff, Fred Shallcrass, Sam Clarke, Chopper, Lance Corlett, Adam Kinsman, Jake Hayes, Hayden Jones, Bjorn Johnston, Bernie Foo, Pete… More ›